Fire & Waterfall Table

The first time I’ve ever tried combining a waterfall edge, charred wood and polished epoxy.
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00:00 Introduction
00:30 Poor storage design
01:05 Surfacing wood thats 2x as heavy
02:02 Free slab/free puppy
04:03 Wood burning process/giveaway
05:03 Sealing char with epoxy
06:17 Deep pour epoxy
07:45 Surfacing char+epoxy
09:05 Think about it almost won
10:22 Motorless router
12:47 Waterfall edge V1
13:46 Unnecessary/useful tools
15:29 Test fit #1
16:40 Glue up
18:06 The other leg
18:43 Waterfall results
20:08 Leg construction
23:32 Nobody believes in me
25:59 Polishing the epoxy, not the wood
28:44 My wives challenge me
32:07 Finish process with UV hardwax oil
34:16 After one coat of finish
35:35 Total cost of free slab
35:57 Adding a nano finish to wood
36:50 Reveal

Author: Rich