Timber Framed Staircase Build

Building a timber framed staircase out of a giant old beam.
The Creator Course: https://thecreatorcourse.com/bts/
N3 Nano Protection: https://n3nano.com/

Jonny Builds’ channel: https://youtube.com/@JonnyBuilds?si=FpYuUCIEidaqhh0U

Damascus knife: https://blacktailstudioshop.com/pages/the-marking-knife-2-0
LED Finishing Oil: https://blacktailstudioshop.com/pages/vesting-led-hardwax-oil
Bow Tie Jig: https://blacktailstudioshop.com/products/blacktail-studio-bow-tie-jig

Other items used in this video:
N3 nanofinish: https://n3nano.com/
N3 Maintenance spray: https://n3nano.com/products/n3-nano-maintenance-spray
Oliver Jointer: https://www.blacktailstudio.com/oliver-jointer-1
Japanese Saw: https://www.blacktailstudio.com/japanese-saw
Drill Press: https://www.blacktailstudio.com/drill-press
Festool Router (Big One): https://www.blacktailstudio.com/festool-router-big-one
Festool Router (Medium): https://www.blacktailstudio.com/festool-router-medium
Mafell Track Saw: https://www.blacktailstudio.com/mafell-track-saw
Ultimate Template Bit: https://www.blacktailstudio.com/ultimate-template-bit
Spiral Router Bit: https://www.blacktailstudio.com/spiral-router-bit
Katz Moses Stop Block: https://www.blacktailstudio.com/katz-moses-stop-block
Oliver Planer: https://www.blacktailstudio.com/oliver-planer
Router Bushing Set: https://www.blacktailstudio.com/router-bushing-set
Miter Saw: https://www.blacktailstudio.com/miter-saw
Heavy Duty Buffer: https://www.blacktailstudio.com/heavy-duty-buffer
Respirator helmet: https://www.blacktailstudio.com/powercap-active-ip-respirator
Rotex 150 Sander: https://www.blacktailstudio.com/rotex-150-sander

00:00 Introduction
01:07 Cheap Help
01:32 Jonny Builds Competition
02:33 Milling XL Lumber
04:10 Jonny’s Bad Idea
04:57 Retire From Youtube?
06:43 Things Really Get Fun
08:01 Stair Layout
08:58 Cutting Stair Notches
10:03 Western Saw Vs Japanese Saw
11:05 Using The Wrong Saw Correctly
12:48 Using a Bow Tie Jig
14:33 Giant Chisel?
16:16 Stair Joinery
17:14 The Best Part of the Project
17:41 Removing the Old Staircase
19:03 Think About It
20:18 LED Cured Finish
22:00 Mounting the Stringer
22:55 Wrong Finish Color?
24:03 Screwed Over
25:26 Filling Holes in Wood
26:57 N3 Nano on Stairs
28:00 Reveal

Author: Rich