Fire, Epoxy, and Free Wood

Burnt wood and epoxy desk adventure…
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Items used in this video:
New Blacktail n3 Nano:
Deep Pour Epoxy:
New Zealand table legs:
Track Saw (smaller):
Miter Saw Hold Down:
Battery Brad Nailer:
Rotex 150 Sander:
Buffing Compound:
Dewalt Buffer:
Buffing Pad Spur:
Light Bar:
Katz Moses Stop Block:
Oliver Planer:
Contact Cement:
Respirator helmet:
Threaded Inserts:
Air scrubber:

00:00 Introduction
00:27 I really know my wood
01:43 How I’m gonna do it
02:25 Cool tools
03:28 Wood burning
04:34 Sealing the char
06:25 First problem
08:06 Burnt wood trick
09:32 Epoxy leak (a bad one)
12:27 Removing the "form" and planing
13:27 Back at my shop
14:34 Touch ups
16:37 So much honesty
18:53 Table leg attachment
19:37 DIY paint booth
20:51 First coat reveal
22:43 Rocky montage of spraying
24:04 Buffing water based poly
25:29 Legit disaster
26:44 n3 nano top coat
27:32 Final reveal

Author: Rich