Mammoth Tusk Restoration

Restoring a 20,000 year old Mammoth tusk
N3 – Complete Craftsman Kit:

Special thanks to:
Otter’s Custom Fab:
Ace Metalworks:
Goby Walnut:

Fancy box knife during suspicious powder scene:

00:00 Introduction
00:20 Buying a Mammoth Tusk
01:55 First look
02:56 How to Dry a Mammoth Tusk
05:19 Convincing a Wife to Love Fossils
07:58 Tusk is Ready to Work On
08:45 Peta Might Not Like Me
09:20 Mammoth Tusk Giveaway
10:22 Sanding Ivory Process
11:32 Filling Cracks in Mammoth Ivory
13:00 Suspicious Package
14:52 Seeing the Tusk Color Come Through
15:57 Drilling a Giant Hole in the Tusk
18:30 Custom Steel Base
21:08 Scott Left Me
22:00 Polishing Ivory To a High Gloss
22:41 Sharpie on Ivory?
23:27 First Attempt a Mounting
24:05 Second Attempt at Mounting
25:21 Showing My Wife…
26:09 Actual Reveal

Author: Rich